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Welcome to the Great Holland Community Benefit Society Limited


The Great Holland Pub & Community Hub

The Great Holland Pub was saved in the Summer of 2021 and renamed The Ship Inn, all thanks to generous Shareholders, grant donors, supportive Volunteers and enthusiastic patrons.

Work continues to make the Pub a true Community Hub, including the provision of the services outlined in the prospectus (shop, post office, book exchange, meeting place etc etc).

However, as always, these things take time, investment and of course volunteers, so if YOU can volunteer your time to assist in progressing some of the great initiatives and desires which make up the Pub Prospectus, please contact the Pub or a member of the GHCBS Committee. 


Annual Members Meeting & Inaugrual Elections 

The original committee was formed to secure the pub and see it trading again, however, in line with the Constitution,  all of the remaining Committee members must step down from the GHCBS Board at the conclusion of the first Annual Members' Meeting and a new Board be elected in its place.  

All candidates must be Shareholders (Members) and of those elected;

- 1/3 of those elected (who had the highest number of votes) will be elected for 3 years 

- The next 1/3 (who had the next highest votes) will be elected for 2 years

- The last 1/3 (who had the least highest votes) will serve for 1 year

So start thinking now whether you may be interested in serving on the Committee or, if you feel someone would be an amazing candidate, why not convince them to stand.


Details of the application and election process will be shared with all Members by the current GHCBS Committee in the coming weeks.






Below are key documents to the GHCBS share offer.  Whilst the offer is now closed, they are attached below for ease of reference. make your vote count.   


Share Prospectus   Business Plan


GHCBS Share Prospectus 


...................... GHCBS Business Plan











Below are links to the organisations FCA Registration, Management Committee Code of Conduct and the Society's rules.


FCA Registration  Code of Conduct     GHCBS Rules
         GHCBS Rules




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