Great Holland Pits, Nature Reserve

Great Holland
Nature Reserve

See Village Voice magazine for the latest Wardens nature reserve report

As small (and perfectly formed) a Village as Great Holland is, it boasts assets which many larger villages or indeed small towns could only wish for.

  • Spiritual sustance - by way of All Saints and Methodist Churches

  • Physical sustenance - by way of the Ship Inn

  • Natural sustenance (if indeed there is such a thing) - by way of The Great Holland Nature Reserve.

This beautiful location is lovingly managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust - and a link to their website can be found below.

The site is well worth a 'click' as aside from information on the Reserve's location, it boasts useful info. on Parking, the Reserve's Inhabitants, the Multi-media surround sound experience and even Forthcoming events.

(OK, we exagerated the multi-media bit, however just take a look at the photo below and you'll realise that the views, combined with the peaceful sounds, offer far more than any Hollywood Cinematic experience ever could ! )

Nature Reserve


Nature Reserve

Photo by kind permission of ClickhappyJohn - Use this link to see more of John's fantastic shots.