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This page offers information on the campaign to save the pub and how YOU can be involved.


More information will follow including photos, events and the more formal things such as Share Prospectus and details of the new limited company, the Great Holland Community Benefit Society Limited.


Here is our latest update as at 15 January 2021


We are still working on the Business Plan and Prospectus and Share Offer. They are very close to completion but the latter document, in particular, has legal implications so we can’t rush it out. We are very keen to get them out there and to start receiving applications for shares.

In addition, we have been doing some relatively unexciting, but important, tasks behind the scenes: registering with HMRC, getting the bank account set up, sourcing and appointing our professional advisers, etc. We are getting everything lined up, ready to fire the starting pistol!

You may have seen Roger’s request for volunteers on Facebook. We already have loads of offers. All have been recorded, so please don’t think we have ignored any of them. Some are for specific skills and some for doing whatever needs to be done. We need both! We have already started to ask people to help, in particular on sourcing and applying for grants. There are two ladies in the village with specific experience in this field who have agreed to work on this. Most importantly this means we have experts who can hit the ground running. 

But we will also need volunteers for ‘whatever needs doing’. This is because, as a community, we don’t want to rely too heavily on the same old (or young) faces all the time. Not only is this a burden on those people, it goes against the idea of a community venture and everybody has something to bring to the party. This means we will also need co-ordinators of volunteers and people who can train us. We have these skills in the village, too. 

You will see an article in the next edition of the Village Voice, asking for help to keep everyone updated, especially those who do not have access to the internet. If you can help by keeping your neighbours updated, that would be appreciated. Obviously that is very difficult at the moment and we would not ask anyone to break any rules or endanger anyone else.

Would anybody like another quiz? Or do you have any ideas of an alternative to keep us amused in these difficult days? Please, let us know on Facebook (The Manor Reborn), or on one of the phone numbers given in the Village Voice.


Thank you!


Anne, Nick, Roger, Margaret, Andrew, Liz, Paul & Dawn (aka The Manor Reborn.)




Great Holland Pub Survey Results

Click on the link below to see the results of the Great Holland Village Pub Survey.  They make great reading and show just how much the Village values its Pub.  Not only that, we have had support from around the area, proving that Great Holland really is a special place to live and visit.

Survey Results


Still interested in completing the survey and adding your own support ?  Well it's never too late - click the Survey link below and share your views.

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