Parish Plan



Great Holland Volunteer group Parish Plan & Village Design Statement



With the approval of the Resident’s Association (May 2006) and under the guidance of the R.C.C.E (2007) a group was formed to promote a Parish Plan and Village Design Statement. 

Start up funding was initially received from the local Residents Association and the Frinton & Walton town Council.  

A questionnaire and children’s competition was delivered in the village Voice to all households and from the information received from the exercise, the topics of importance in the minds of the residents were presented at an exhibition following a Residents Association Meeting in the village hall (May 2008).

Based on these topics, a Survey was devised to go to every household in Great Holland. This was advertised at a display stand at the Village Fete (August 2008).

The survey was delivered by Committee members and helpers to every household in Great Holland (October 2008) and subsequently collected or handed in. 56% of all households responded.

A further survey of Houses and Businesses was also conducted by the group.

In order to continue the process, the Group was obliged to seek further Funding. Having applied for s Grassroots grant which is funded by the office of the third sector, a grant of over £4000 was awarded (January 2009) over a period of 18 months.

With this success of the grant application, the Group completed the project.

This entailed:

                  The Exhibition/Open Day April 25th 2009

                  The set up of a Village Web Site

                  The preparation, publication and launch of the final document which was delivered to every                                           

                  Household in Great Holland  

Together with the results of the analysis of the Survey and your comments form the open day, the Group with agreement of all bodies and agencies, (e.g. The F&W Town Council. Tendring District Council the Planning office, the Residents Association, the Village Hall Committee etc). An Action Plan was devised which sets out the means by which Great Holland can address the problems or improvements identified. This way forward has been included in the Final Document. The Document has been lodged with the F&W Town Council, the Tendring District Council and the Planning Office.

If you require any further in formation concerning this project please contact Robin Moulton at



The greatly anticipated Great Holland survey results

Saturday 25th April 2009 saw the presentation of the Great Holland Village survey (or the Great Holland ExPo as it's been proudly described ! )  The event was extremely well attended, with over 100 visitors, across a spectrum of ages. 


Presentations were given on the results of the Parish Plan survey, which Village residents had completed in the latter part of 2008, together with the official launch of the Great Holland village Website,


Display boards overflowing with fascinating insights to the thoughts of village residents and their preferences, succinctly illustrated the information which had been collated to date and the trends and conclusions which could be derived.  Topics included resident's thoughts on roads, parking, future developments, footpaths, amenities and views on improvements to Village life in general.


A three dimensional scale model of the village was on show, which aside from offering a hands on alternative to Google Earth's satellite map, clearly demonstrated the Villages relatively low position to sea level and the impact a breach in the sea wall would have on the surrounding area.


The event benefited from a visit by the Mayor, and the Mayor Elect, Robert Bucke together with local businesses and Police representatives.   The amount of work that had gone into the event was clearly evident, with particular acknowledgement to Robin & Jackie Moulton (for arranging the display boards, model and masterminding the whole event ) and to Jim Hawthorn for compiling and analysing the survey results.


This event enables the Village volunteers to take the survey to the next stage - publication.  Later in the year, every resident in the village will be provided with a colour brochure detailing the Parish Plan and will be encouraged to get involved in projects to deliver the ideas and suggestions.  The documented views of the residents will also form an important guide to the Town Council and County Council when considering future development projects within and surrounding the village.


Anyone with questions or queries are invited to contact Robin Moulton on 01255 676785.