Village Fete


Past & Present 

The 2015 Great Holland Village Fete.

As planning for this fantastic family event starts to gain momentum, the Fete Committee are very keen to hear from anyone who can assist.

Perhaps you can run a stall ?

Can you make a contribution to the Cake Stall ?

Perhaps you're Arty (or Crafty) and can add something new to the fete.

Or more importantly volunteer to help Clear up after the event. 

If you can answer 'yes' to any of the above - or another (fete related) question you can think of - then contact the Fete Committee NOW, using the 'Leave Feedback' email link below.  


Aside from enriching your life to limits you thought unimaginable - and ensuring the continuation of an event which has been in existence for over 80 years (see below) . . . . it'll be much appreciate ! 


History of the EIGHTY year old Great Holland Village Fete.

Ever wondered about the history behind this fantastic event ?  Now, thanks to research by Simon Wallis, (Local History Recorder for Great Holland in 1998) you can find out:

  • Just how long Anthea & Liz have been running their Silent Auction
  • How a misunderstanding on quantities in 1928 has meant Nicky has never run out of Fairy Cakes
  • How a fungal infection at The Old Rectory has meant life has never been the same since.

With photos, copies of 1920's newspaper fliers and some great 'sleuthing' by Simon - click on this LINK to read the fruits of his labours (well worth a read ! )