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Birthday Boy !

Imagine Peter Goodwin's delight when he discovered that not only had his family arranged for him to celebrate his 70th Birthday at the Ship - but that he got to eat the pub too !

Louise Goodwin (nearer 20 than 70), sent in two photos of this amazing cake.

Seems the event was a great success - and the photos of the Cake will go on to remind them of the day for many years to come.


The Cake was made by Joanne Hollock of Beaumont-Cum-Moze

For details on ordering your own cake call Joanne on 07990 587443 or 01255 862156

Or email :

Cakes for all occasions is also on Facebook.

 Ship Inn Quiz Nights :


June 27th 2010

On a evening when many were in mourning, following England's world cup 4:1 defeat by Germany - there was nonetheless a fantastic turn out at the Ship Inn Pub Quiz.

The quiz Mistress was Elaine and her fast paced action made sure that even the most depressed soccor fans were able to enjoy themselves.

Clearly buoyed by the afternoon's World cup performance, The Multi-Nationals arrived at the event with a team of star players and equally able reserves. 
Keen that everyone should get a game, Team Coach, John Poulten, set about offering a number of free transfers : two of which were snaffled up by The Monarchs captain Anthea Coffey. 

The new arrivals, Lindi and Denys Strich set about inspiring the team in ways as yet unseen, and despite being a 'man down' due to a Corfu holiday, they managed to clock up their best performance yet - finishing Second !

After the match, Monarchs Captain, Anthea Coffey was reported to have said she was delighted with the strategic signings - feeling certain that further signings (and the inevitable laying off of the majority of the established players) would, she was sure, secure a much sort after first Victory.
The source of the new signings The Multi-Nationals were left trailing in a disappointing Sixth place.  
Coach, John (Fabio) Poulton, was thought to have said that whilst it was not possible to single out an individual player, his team lost due to their being tired following a pre-match Bar-B-Q. 
It was thought he went on to say - "I like this Job - I like to be Multi-National Manager".

Funds raised at the event totalled £127, to be donated to a charity chosen by last month's Quiz Master Jim Hawthorn.

Many thanks to Elaine and Mick for yet another successful evening and Mick's legendary half time refreshments.

Full time scores were :


1st Kirby Crowd (83.5)
2nd The Monarchs (79)
3rd Ship Wrecked (78)
4th Duffy’s Duffers (77.5)
5th Just Six (76)
6th Multi Nationals (73)
7th Blue Bird (72)
8th The Willows (68)


A packed Ship Inn saw thirteen teams jostling for position at May's Pub quiz.

Jim Hawthorn took the chair as Quiz Master and the range of questions was broad enough to get the teams thinking hard and arguing amongst themselves.

Half time scores suggested a number of pretenders to the crown of this months winner, however notwithstanding the occasional disputed answer at the picture quiz (subsequently upheld by a brave Jim), the final position saw three joint winners !

A tie break question was invoked to sift the final 3 players, involving the calculation of the word score for the word "Scrabble" -  in a given postion on the scrabble board (at full moon, on a Good Friday etc etc )

The outright winner was Famous Five who scooped the much prized and customary bottles of wine.

Food, prizes and the entire evening were once again courtesy of Elaine and Mick of the Ship Inn. 

The £2 per head entrances fee and proceeds of the raffle raised a total of £216 for the charity St Helena's Hospice (for which Liz Fairbrother was taking part in the Midnight Walk later in the year.)

In summary - another outrageously fun evening and another quiz where the Monarchs went into the half time interval in the lead, only to finish 5th ! !

Next Quiz - Sunday June 27th, 8pm start.

Full scores are :
Famous Five 93 - 1st
Flying Piglets 93 - 2nd
Happy Valleys 93 - 3rd
Just the Three of us 87.5 - 4th
Monarchs - 78 - 5th
Duffy's Duffers 75 - 7th
Multi Nationals 74 - 8th
Kirby Crowd 70 - 9th
We Hope To Eat 67 - 10th
Young Ones 67 - 10th
Five Plus One 57 - 11th
Angie's Angles 56 - 12th
Lumberjacks 55 - 13th. 



Elaine took control of April's pub quiz and with Mick's picture round, ensured it was both entertaining and stretching.

The scores remained level pegged for the majority of the evening. Although an exceedingly rare sound was heard when the half time scores revealed that in first place were The Monarchs. 

After a delicious food break (courtesy of Elaine and Mick), the second half commenced and clearly over fed, The Monarchs lost their hunger for winning. 

A sprint finish (and in one case some over generous marking) allowed some of the teams to nose ahead of the pack - final results below.

The seven rounds this month included the popular food and drink category together with General Knowledge, TV & Film, Music, History, Science & Nature, and Sport.

Proceeds from the raffle and £2 entry all went to this month’s good cause, the charity Lupus and raised £125.

With Elaine's un-amplified voice holding up (but getting huskier by the minute) the final scores of the evening were :

1st Kirby Crowd (88.5)
2nd The Worzils (88)
3rd The Monarchs (83)
4th The Willows (82)
5th Duffy's Duffers (79)
6th Multi Nationals (73.5)
7th Bowlyn Boys (70)
8th Just Two (69.5)
9th Scrambled Egg Heads (68)


A fantastic turn out at the Ship Inn for the March 2010 Pub Quiz - saw teams relocating into the 2nd Bar.

The chosen charity was the Brain and Spine Foundation ( ) and a total of £130 was raised, in addition to some sponsorship for running the London Marathon.
The team were faced with 10 rounds (a gruelling increase on the usual volume of questions) - with categories of :

Sport, Numbers, Initials, Current Affairs, Common Themes, Games, Easter & Diversity, Food & Drink, County Towns.

With regulars Just the Two of Us choosing an early bath at half time, the standard of questions was clearly high.

The Monarchs team was depleted to 3  (with 'no-shows' from Brian and Judith) - which was represented in their final placing of 8th (of 8 !)

However the Tawny Owls (including seasoned quiz master Jim Hawthorn) - worked hard to win the title.

Final placing were as follows:


1st - Tawny Owls
2nd - Kirby Crowd
3rd - Scramble Egg Head
4th -  Willows
5th -  Duffy’s Duffers
6th -  Four by Two
7th – Multi Nations
8th –  Great Holland Monarchs


A moist February evening saw a slightly reduced number of Quizzers coming out to play at the Ship Sunday evening Pub Quiz.

The seven teams battled hard (well, relatively) with the Multi-Nationals being buoyed at the start after mounting a Non-hostile take over of another group's diminutive 2 members.

The Monarchs chose not to take part in the merger talks, mainly as a result of last months 'free transfers' where the loaned players ended up worsening the receiving teams score (and improving the Monarchs final placing - see January's report !)

The questions took on a different focus when the popular Food and Drink category was swapped for a topically named Winter Olympics round.  This universally poor scoring round offered a glimpse into the type of preferred activity for most of the Pub Quiz attendees (!)

The Monarchs scribe (Anthea) made sure the team were kept on their toes, by occasionally writing down a different answer to that which the rest of the team had suggested.

The evening finished with the Monarchs finishing 6th and "Billy No-Mates" proving to be the popular team of the night by finishing 1st !

Nigel Oakely made a second appearance to the event (squeezing in the 8pm -10.30pm time slot into his busy schedule and in between infusions to his much-celebrated Chilli con carne - the recipe to which will be available in the much-anticipated Great Holland Cook Book.

In summary: another fun night with superb hospitality from Elaine and Mick at The Ship.

Just over £123 was raised for the Haiti Earth Quake appeal. 

The Next Quiz will be on March 28th : 8pm start.

The full results were :

1st       Billy No Mates
2nd      Multi-Nationals
3rd       Kirby Crowd
4th       Two Less
5th       The A team
6th       The Monarchs
7th       Just Two

A cosy evening was held at the Ship Inn on Sunday 31st Jan 2010, - where the well attended pub quiz raised over £200 for the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID).

The rounds were slightly different this month - with the introduction of an Audio music section. 

This roller coaster of a round consisted of 40 questions, which ran on into each other without a break and it wasn't long before the roars of "ooooh I know this one" meant that in true 'Two Ronnies' style, the answers written down invariably related to the previous questions !

A 'no show' of some team members on the team "The Ones to Watch" meant that the GH Monarchs had offered a free Transfer of two of their players (Paul and Liz). 

This turned out to be a key strategic move by Team Captain Anthea C., as the usually 2nd placed "The Ones to Watch" came 7th whereas the Monarchs achieved a personal best of joint 2nd, naturally influenced by the shedding of Paul and Liz and the introduction of new signing :-
'Nigel (I've been to more countries than you've had hot dinners) Oakley.'

After the event Nigel O. was thought to have said "It was the best evening-out I have had in years. 
I'm kicking myself that I've not come along before - count me in for the next one !"

Full time team members of "the Ones to Watch" Linda and Maggie thanked the monarchs for the Free Transfer, but felt that following the result, it was only fair that the two be swiftly repatriated ( ! )

Once again - Well done to Elaine and Mick for their hospitality. 
The next quiz is at the slightly earlier date of 20th Feb (as Elaine and Mick are off for a break to warmer climbs - hoping to return without Dengue Fever ! )


Full table of results :

1st                    Unlimited 
2nd                  Great Holland Monarchs 
2nd (Joint)   
Just Four
4th                   Kirby Crowd
5th                   Duffey's Dufffers
6th                   Multi-Nationals
7th                   The Ones to Watch
8th                   Five Plus One
9th                   Fred The Pen
10th                 Pick Us a Winner  ( ! )

 (One of) The Social Events of the Year took place on November 29th,
when The Ship Inn held its monthly Pub Quiz.

As regular web site readers will know, this event was billed as an extra special affair as the proceeds were dedicated to the Great Holland Church Tower Restoration fund.


Mick and Elaine excelled themselves with a level of hospitality which made all feel exceedingly welcome and the catering logistics of feeding the masses at half time were expertly handled and very well received.

The quiz master Jim Hawthorn fielded a set of questions which he had classified as fair to easy (. . . emmmm) and supported by a Norman Collier sound alike microphone, he set off to rattle through the ten rounds of the evening.

The 16 teams were made up of the usual reprobates together with a range of very welcome new faces - many of whom commenting on what a fantastic Country pub The Ship Inn is.  

Indeed one young couple Maxine and Dominic, who live in Victoria, London are self confessed addicts of the Great Holland Web site and almost certainly only knew of the event from the web site advertising (aside from the fact that Dominic's parents are Judith & Brian Little). 
"It's a great evening and this country pub is the kind of thing you don't get in London - Great Holland is such a great village, it always feels as if you're coming home." said Dominic Little, whose family home is in Little Clacton rd (!)

The increased number of runners saw The Great Holland Monarchs slip into an uncomfortable 11th position - whilst appropriately named Tower of Strength held their heads high and took Pole Position (full details available in the table below).

Alan Large was particularly proud of the fact that on the Sports Round, his team didn't trouble the score keeper !

The evening raised an impressive total of £338 all of which will go directly towards reducing the likelihood of the Church Tower collapsing ( See the All Saints Page for more details on how you can further avoid such a calamity )

All in all an outrageously fun evening. 
December's Quiz is being held on the earlier date of 20th December : go on, give it a go !

Results Table
Pos.    Team Name                    Score
1       Tower of Strength                 108
2       Brain Drain                             100
         Quizzy Rascals                       100
4       Just 2 + 4                                   98
5       Duffy's Duffers                        95
6       Elmstead Mark it Right        94
7       Multinationals                         93
         Scrambled Egg Heads            93
9       Campanory                                92
10     Missing Link                             90
11     Monarchs                                    89
12     Guys 'n Dolls                             85
        Fireciders                                     85
14    The Ones to Watch                  84
15    Harvey's                                       67
16    Warblers                                      55

Quiz Night - Sunday 25th October 2009

Another evening of entertainment took place at the Ship Inn on Sunday when Elaine and Mick hosted the October Sunday Night Quiz.

With this months Quiz Mistress being Elaine, the questions came thick and fast.

Quiz categories included Genral knowledge, Sport, History, Food and drink TV and Film.

The evening got off to a good start for the Monarchs, who, keen to improve their personal best of 3rd place,  decided to play their joker in round one.  However a combination of splitting the enlarged team in Two (team two suitably named The Left Overs) and performances which included suggesting the actor who played Basil Fawlty was John Alderton ( ? ) saw the team trail the leader board and finish bottom of the heap.

The refreshments were, as always, top quality and there was more food than could be finished off by the quizers !

Final scores were :

1st.   No Hopers (78.5)
2nd. Flying Piglets (76)
3rd.  Multi Nationals (69)
4th.  Four Squeeze (67)
5th.  The Left Overs (65)
6th.  The Monarchs (62.5)

The evening raised £94 which this month was donated to the British Legion Poppy Appeal.

The customary winners prize and raffle prizes were all kindly donted by The Ship.

Next Month ( 29th November, 8pm start) is in aid of the Church Tower appeal : put it in the diary now.


 Quiz Night - Sunday 27th September 2009

Another fantastic quiz evening was held at The Ship Inn on Sunday, when the village gathered to battle their general knowledge skills - safe in the hands of the Quiz Mistress (and Ship Landlady) Elaine.

With guests from the Tendring area, the teams were soon employed in solving 'warm up questions' -  anagrams of Oscar Winning movie titles. 

Anthea Coffey decided to think 'out-side of the box' and proceeded to write down the names of all the films titles she knew, in the hope that her viewing habits might have been the same as the person who set the quiz.
Not put off by the stacked odds against such a coincident, the exhaustive list of around 8 proved entertaining, even if it didn't yield any of the answers !

The quiz got going with six categories including General knowledge, History, Sport, Food & Drink.

The Great Holland Monarchs (named after the well established family name within the village) were determined to better their personal best of 4th place and managed to pull such answers out of the hat as : "the origin of the Cocker Spaniel (Spain)" and "the beverage most famously produced and consumed in Seattle" (Starbucks Coffee) : some of which actually made it to the answer sheet !

An early and highly effective playing of a joker saw the Flying Piglets take the lead as we went into the half time break.

However any anxiety was swiftly forgotten when the teams tucked into Elaine and Mick's hospitality - with plenty of Curry, rice, sausages and Chips to go around.

The second half was equally enthralling - however the final results were :

First : The Flying Piglets holding on to their early lead.

Second : Duffy's Duffers

Third : The Great Holland Monarchs ! - Commenting on the teams's new personal best, team captain Anthea Coffey said "It wos the team wot won it - is there anymore of that wine left ? "

The appropriately named Non-Runners brought up the rear of the field, but even they agreed the evening was highly entertaining.

Over £100 was collected for charity : this month's being a Tendring based epilepsy charity.

Elaine and Mick have generously agreed that the November quiz will be in aid of the Church Tower appeal - so put it in you diary now !



Charity Quiz Night - Held Sunday April 26th

There's Nothing Like a Great Night Out - In Great Holland !

Sunday 26th April 8pm saw yet another successful quiz at the Ship Inn.

The evening was up to its usual high standard of tough, probing questions.  The teams were as competitive as ever with the winner being re-declared following a stewards enquiry !

The finer details of the winning team and exact monies raised for charity (well over £100)  were lost in the excitement (and editors consumption of glasses of Broadside ) However suffice to say that the Team "Great Holland Monarchs" were robbed from a well deserved win (finishing a respectable (?) Fourth place ! )

The evening included an offer of psycho analysis by the Ship's Landlady, Elaine to one of the Monarch's team member - when Karen's doodles seemed to be revealing far more of her 'inner self' than she intended !

At £2 per person for plates of the Ships finest pasta, curry, chips and sausages (not to mention a session on Elaine's Analysts couch )  - you really couldn't go wrong !